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Insight into Mpasturavacche

A glimpse of the one-to-one performance Mpasturavacche by Jatun Risba presented on the 5th of July 2019 at the Artperforming festival at Palazzo di Lorenzo in Galatina (LE), Italy. The work has been realized during the art residency of the author at Steam Atelier in Lecce.

Watch a teaser video of the performance here.

Credits: Giada Totaro (co-production, interaction design), Elisa Melodia (coding), Stefano Averono Seven (wearable) and Mattia D. Miscia (video).

Jatun Risba – Artist in residence at STEAM Atelier

Jatun Risba was invited for a two months art residency at STEAM Atelier in Lecce, Salento (ITA) under te title “Cura del sé e comunità danzanti” (Care of self and dancing crowds). During the residence, Risba will develop two new intermedia works: “Heallo. Rave in a casino” and “Mpasturavvache”.

To follow the public events and presentation organized during the residence follow:



On the 5th of July 2019,  Jatun Risba is going to do the first presentation of the one-to-one performance “Mpasturavacche” at the Artperforming festival in Galatina (LE). The work has been realized during the art residency of the author at Steam Atelier in Lecce (Salento, Italy).

Credits: Giada Totaro (coproduction, interaction design), Elisa Melodia (coding), Stefano Averono Seven (wearable) and Mattia D. Miscia (video).


Dancing Crowds: Mania, Ecstasy, Collectivity

On 14th of June, Jatun Risba participated at the roundtable discussion Dancing Crowds: Mania, Ecstasy, Collectivity at F°LAB – Festival for Performing Arts in Frankfurt. 

The roundtable Dancing crowds explored what it means to be a body in revolt, dancing. From the neo-shamanistic traditions in contemporary choreography to radical self-healing, and from choreographic politics of care to urgent and unrelenting dance parties, bodies in motion signal restlessness and a vibrant potential for transformation.

Panellists Kélina Gotman (theater and dance scholar, UK), Hamish McPherson (choreographer and dance scholar, UK), Bogomir Doringer (film-maker and curator, Netherlands / Austria), Jatun Risba (performance artist, Slovenia / UK) and Audrey Gary (director and choreographer, France) discussed: what is a body in protest? How have artists and thinkers imagined alternative collectivities and the vital possibilities of self-organisation for reappropriating the gestures and practices of love and insurgency? In doing so, the panel aimed to relate the protesting body in art to the body functioning in the social community and ask how alternative forms of embodiment allow us to reimagine the ‘body politic’.

The following day, on 15th of June, Jatun Risba facilitated the workshop  “Possession dance: an immersion in, out and beyond self” for MA students of theatre and performance at the  Goethe-Universität Frankfurt.

Both events were organized as part of the Friedrich-Hölderlin Guest Professorship for General and Comparative Dramaturgy at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Augmented Attention Lab at Sensorium Festival

In June Jatun Risba participated at the Augmented Attention Lab (AAL) at the Sensorium Festival in Bratislava. The LAB generated an impressive gathering of artists, scholars, researchers and beautiful human beings who share a common interest in sensory and bodily expansion throught the use of (interactive) technologies. The LAB was organized by artists and researchers Jonathan Reus and Sissel Marie Tonn.

During the workshop week Risba joined forces with artist Kazue Monno and developed a wearable prototype Snake’s Umwelt (on the picture below).


“Not an Adolescent Girl” in Milan

Jatun Risba’s work Not an adolescent girl was on display, from 23rd February to 12th March, at  Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan as part of the international art exhibition Stand for Girls, curated by Elisabetta Longari. The exhibition was promoted by the project Indifesa –  Art against gender violence.

Participating artists: Eleonora Antonioni, Guia Besana, Marco Delogu, Paola Di Bello, Sarah Dubois, Anna Ginsburg, Barbara Giorgis, Claudia Giraudo, Meri Gorni, Marianne Heier, Maria Jannelli, Tatiana Kocmur, Hyun-Jin Kwak, Paola Mattioli, Silvia Pastoricchio, Giuseppe Renda, Jatun Risba, Sabrina Rocca, Sabina Sala, Gregg Segal, Anna Skoromnaya, Laura Trentin, Silvia Truppi, Giovanna Villani, Lucrezia Zaffarano.

Not an Adolescent Girl installation

Jatun Risba showcased the actio Not an adolescent girl, as an after event of the exhibit, on the 28th March 2019.

Not an Adolescent Girl actio



Join the first course of Hypnotic Dance in the lovely city of Strasbourg, France on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of March. The course will be held – same schedule and costs – the coming weekend (30th & 31st of March) in Milan. Reserve your place at jatun.risba@gmail.com.



Jatun Risba’s actio ‘Fortune’ enriches the gaming exhibition ICE London 2019. The work raises the question: “Can we devise and play games where all are winners?”


EXCEL LONDON, UK, – February 5,6 & 7, 2019 –

At the exhibition ICE London 2019, the world’s largest gathering of Gaming professionals, Jatun Risba will hunt and share a fortune with a durational art piece that stops time.

The artist Jatun Risba will perform ‘Fortune’ every day starting 11:00 and continuing until the public closure of the show (at 18:00 on Tue/Wed and at 16:00 on Thu). The total duration of the work, divided into the three days of gaming exhibition, will amount to 19 hours of performance.

Jatun Risba will wear a gold full-body catsuit and will carry a black travel case in the hands. The costume and the physical actions will capture visitors’ attention. After identifying “the right spot”, Jatun Risba will collapse onto the floor, open the travel case over the head and wash the face off under a stream of casino chips. The artist will then remain lying still on the floor, immobile, like a showpiece for the rest of day.


In the work ‘Fortune’ Jatun Risba ponders – : “What is a fortune? Your thinking-body is gold, yet you take it for granted or overidentify with it. Attachment to external goods causes a loss of sight and balance. How can you cultivate a fortune within? What is the path to your treasure house of infinity?”

The work stages an opposition between the material appeal of (shiny, vertical and tactile) casino currency and the detached anonymity of money. Both currencies have no intrinsic value in themselves, yet have a tremendous impact on our lives. The actio ‘Fortune’ explores how we can embody, create and share a fortune in healthy and responsible ways?



Jatun Risba is a London based Slovenian artist who has extensively exhibited, lectured and performed internationally: in Slovenia, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Spain, USA, Mexico; ‘Fortune’ is the first work presented in United Kingdom. Jatun Risba uses the pronoun “ki” which acknowledges and honours the beingness of all (living) matter. More information about Risba’s work can be found at www.artsofself.com.



Telephone/WhatsApp: +386-51-776-933 (Jatun Risba)
Email Address: jatun.risba@gmail.com

Not an Adolescent Girl

Vivid eyes in a place


                          wide open …


A new Arts of Self work by Jatun Risba that nurtures and nourishes the spirits of oppressed adolescent girls beyond past and present. The first presentation of the project will occur at LaDIY*fest in Strasbourg, France as follows:


+ PRESENTATION (art installation)  When :  30th of August from 7 pm  Where : 1 rue Mercière

+ WORKSHOP  When : 31st of August  from 6 pm > 7.30 pm Where : 1 rue Mercière

+ PERFORMANCE (live actio) When : 1st of September from 7pm Where : 10 amant-e-s d’Or


The aim of the workshop is to collectively address the demons of adolescence − powers, energies, social constructs and behavioral patterns − we were subjected to in our puberty. After an open dialogue about our teenage experiences, the participants will go through the process of Feeding your demons, developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, in order to embody, feed and free the manifested energies.


The live actio will be streamed on the project’s fb page. Like the page to easily follow the updates of the project. 

MRI MS is landing in Salento

Recently, Jatun Risba spent 4 days in Salento, the “heel” of the Italian “boot”,  for a quick survey of the territory and its majestic material culture. Her first encounter with this land, its ancient folk traditions and its open, hospitable inhabitants, was extremely inspiring and rewarding. From September 2018 on, she will undertake an Artist in Residence program at STEAM Atelier in Lecce that will be divided into slots spread over a minimum of 12 months.The residency will allow Jatun to continue the field research about traditional possession rituals and passage rites, a study she had started in Ethiopia back in 2015, as well as to create and present new developments of her life-long Intermedia Art project MRI MS. My Resting In Myself Sane.

Before each new Art event, an open steam lab (promoted by STEAM Atelier & Fab Lab Lecce Knos) will be held, during which the basis of the technological know-how employed in the project will be openly shared and collectivized with the local community. This is how people attending the workshops will immediately become an active part of the project and its organization in a decentralized modality of work.

Salento is the land of the Taranta, the Dance of the Spider, an ancient dancing healing ritual. During her recent short stay in Apulia, Jatun spent almost two full days in Galatina, the birthplace of the phenomenon of Tarantism. To get an idea of what tarantism was about, here is the documentary La taranta produced by Gianfranco Mingozzi:

The recordings from the docu-film were made inside the Chapel of St Paul in Galatina, the place where the first manifestationts of taranta occurred. The narrative of taranta tells us that it is only San Paolo (the Saint depicted on the altar in the photo bellow), who can release the “tarantata” from the malady caused by the spider bite and it is to San Paolo that the victim appeals for release during her ritual dancing.

However, the material culture of our time offers us a much different milieu in which to operate and the remedies for establishing an empowering life within a healthy community, should differ drastically from the ones used in pre-industrial agricultural societies. But how and what for?

Like the Fb pages STEAM Atelier and MRI MS. My Resting In Myself Sane in order to be informed about the future steps of this inspiring journey.  “Ahi!”