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A summer in movement…

We are glad to announce that Jatun Risba will spend their summer in S of italy, doing a 2-months artist-in-residence program at STEAM Atelier in Lecce (LE) under the title: “The care of self and dancing comunities in the contemporary, technological world”. During this period, the artist will develop, in coproduction with the hosting organization, two new intermedia works: Mpasturavacche and Heallo.

The immersive one-to-one performance Mpasturavacche will be first presented at the Artperforming festival at Galatina (LE) on the 5th of July and then again, in the first days of August, at the artist-run festival OutsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsideiN on the border between Germany and Czech Republic.

the prototype developed during the first working session on the project Mpasturavacche

Risba will take part also in the Artperforming festival in Napoli. Starting on the 27th July morning, the artist will enact the work Excercises in Dying for 24-hrs, in a different set-up and agenda than in the year 2017.

The intermedia work Heallo, which takes the form of a technology and sensory augmented happening, will be developed throughout the whole period of the residence at STEAM  Atelier in collaboration with a number of professionals working in different fields and launched at the art festival Pixxelpoint 2019 on the 21st of November in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. In parallel to the work on Heallo, Risba will use their residency in Salento (Apuglia) to do a field study of the ancient dance ritual of “Tarantismo, a social and anthropological phenomena that is now celebrated, through spectacularization, at “La notte della Taranta” festival.

Finally, in the last days of August, Risba will travel to Strasbourg to attend the ladiyFEST #2, the festival ki* attended already last year with the actio, installation and workshop Not an Adolescent Girl. This year, the artist will enact the intermedia performance Mpasturavacche and facilitate a somatic workshop “Possession dance. In, out and beyond self”.

*Jatun Risba uses the pronoun ki, to set an impartial tone where the existence of all living beings within an animate is acknowledged and praised.